The Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity (Fairyland Feeple Mirwen) IMG Heavy!!!

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The Princess of the Moon Kingdom, Serenity (Fairyland Feeple Mirwen) IMG Heavy!!!

Post  elruesta on Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:22 pm

As you guys know, I've been drooling over Mirwen since she was first shown back in like 2011 as the Victoria Frances doll. Due to Cons, finiances, and other dolly plans, I hadn't gotten around to getting her (plus I hadn't known that Fairyland had released her as a Feeple), but now I have! So after a four month layaway, shipments back logged to DDE and Canada Post not f**king updating their tracking...she's finally safe and home Razz 

So on to the photos!!!

Endymion is anxiously awaiting the arrival as is Harry, but only because there's clothes in there for him Laughing 

I haven't had many larger sized dolls and the size of the boxes always surprises me. Endymion and Sirius's boxes were huge, which I expected cause they are Model sized dolls, but Serenity is suppose to be shorter. Endymion is 68cm tall and the box is only a little taller than him. Having a doll this size will be interesting since all I have is either bigger or smaller Razz 

Denver Newspaper!!!

Bag o'goodies!!! Along with Mirwen, I also order an SD sized doll carrying bag, some extra hands and a Littlefee outfit for Harry. I had to stick her on layaway anyways, so the extra hundred dollars didn't really make much difference

Harry's outfit and Serenity's extra hands!!! I'm really excited about one particular set of those Very Happy 

Doll Box!!!

Lovely box. Very simple yet elegant Cool 

The cover of the Feeple Book! They seem to be very similar to Minifee's, so posing shouldn't bee to different!

and there she is!!! First look at her! She's thicker around than I was expecting. The minifee girls are so small in comparison to the boys, so I was expecting her to be skinny too...granted I don't have a Feeple boy to compare her too...maybe she is tiny

Oops, one of her eyeballs got dislodged Shocked She looks like a one eyed pirate Laughing And her headcap seems a bit out of place, but luckily nothing was damaged...just in the box oddly

She stands quite well right out of the box. No re-stringing for me Razz I'm very happy I decided to go with the larger bust too, cause I think the smaller bust would have made her look a little too young for her age. I'm aging her around 19 right now, though that could change depending what I plan to do with her and Endymion's back-stories.

Posing is slightly different from Minifees as she doesn't have that extra bit in the thigh, but not too difficult.

Still only one eye, but a better shot of her face. I love this mold. Her mouth has a slight smirk to can't wait to get her faceup done

First comparison shot with Endymion and Houston, we have a problem. She's too short!!! Or he's too tall!!! I'm hoping maybe once she's got her hair on and some shoes, it'll be a better match...but if not, I may have to look at either hybridizing him or getting Serenity the Feeple 65 body Sad 

Angela was kind enough to lend me Break and Gil to check out the height difference...and it looks like Endymion needs to be about Gil's height to be about right. What do you guys think?

Got some blue eyes into her. They're 14mm, but I see some gaping happening, so I'm gonna look at getting her some 16mm ones. They'll do for now though. I'll save her lovely pink defaults for someone else...maybe Rini when I get around to getting her

Dressed in some clothing Angela had around. The pants are too big, but the shirt's okay for now. I really have to get her something better though. Serenity is definitely not a black colour wearing girl...or a pant wearing girl for that matter Laughing 

WIG!!! This is actually the pigtail wig off Leeke World, with the bun pieces added. It was a bugger to set up and I still need to fiddle with it a bit to get it perfect, but I'm quite happy with it Razz 

Next to Endymion again. The wig helps, but I still think she needs to be up higher...maybe some heels will help. I hope so, cause I really don't wanna have to try and get her a Feeple 65 body Sad 

I love this set of hands!!! And this is exactly what I want it for! "In the name of the Moon, I punish you!" Razz 

And the other set of hands. I love how the different hand poses really lend themselves to anime characters

Last comparison shot. Just Gil and Serenity this time. I really like the height difference here. Serenity either needs to be this high on Endymion, or I need to bring Endymion down to this. Gil is 64cm...if only Angell-Studio had a 65cm boy body Sad 

And a Pixie in a Box! Thanks for looking and let me know what you guys think!!!

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