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Rules of the Forum

Post  Sirius53Black on Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:35 am

In general there are not alot of rules to this forum. The main one though to it treat each other with respect! This is to be a friendly place were people can feel welcome and enjoy their love of BJD's. Anyone treating a member in a disrespectful way will be given warnings. If it's deemed nessasary they will be banned from the boards. I hope to never have too do this ever, so everyone please play nice!

Threads will not be locked or deleted unless deemed absolutely nessasary and I will explain why such a thing is done. If you disagree feel free to contact me OFF BOARD. If everyone plays nice then it shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

Threads that are posted in the wrong forum/topic may be moved. That is just to keep the boards from getting to cluttered and to help people find topics more easily.

Please do not spam photo's outside the photo section. If you need to post a photo in reply, please limit it to one or two. I will make an exception for the workshop section, however if you find you have more then a couple photo's please link to a gallery thread. This will keep the people that are limited by slow upload times from enjoying the rest of the boards outside the gallery.

Once an item is sold or found please mark it as such. This can be done by changing the title, or PMing a mod. Any inactive sales threads unless updated will be deleted after one month of inactivity to free up clutter.

Joining just to spam ads is not cool. This will be taken seriously and anyone caught spamming for sales without contributing to the community will be banned from the board. This also applies to those that join only to access the marketplace sections.

Anyone not posting within two weeks of signing up to the board will be deleted. This board was created for interaction. I'm not saying you have to post every day but please try to post when you can.

Thanks for your interest in our little community. I hope you find your stay here fun! Very Happy

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